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Vermont Morgan High Point Trotting Race Series

The Vermont Morgan High Point Trotting Race Series Guild lines

An entry consist of a Morgan Horse and rider/driver team and any change of rider/driver will create a new team and different point standing. Although it's not required, each entry is encouraged to race their Morgan Horse at three different events. You will be awarded one point for each show you attend and race at. Compete in all three events and get three extra points added to your score. You can race at Vermont Morgan Heritage Days (Sunday July 2nd), The Lippitt Country Show (Saturday August 12) both of which are held on the race track at The Tunbridge Fairgrounds and at the Morgan Mile Trotting Races (September 9th) held in Brookfield Vermont on the Morgan Mile Road.

You will receive points according to how many horses are in your race for example if there are four horses in your race and you win that race you get four points. Second place will get three points, third place will get two points and fourth place will get one point.

You may race in as many races at each event as you want and you will gain points until the end of the race season. We will divide your point total by the number of races you were in which will give us your average. The person with the highest average is the winner. The Championship Races at the Morgan Mile are worth double the points and in case of a tie, the horse that has attended the most shows will be the winner.
All races will count except the flat out race and the JM performance race at Heritage Days.

Prize money has been donated and as we get more donations we hope to be able to increase the prize. First place will receive (to be determined according to sponsors). One award is for saddle and the other is for in harness. Prizes will be awarded at the VMHA Annual Meeting in November.

For the Vermont Morgan Heritage Days web site for prize list and entry forms Click Here!

For the Lippitt Country Show web site for prize list and entry forms Click Here!

If you have further questions please feel free to Contact me!

VT Heritage Days

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Vermont Morgan

VMHA was organized in 1966 to promote and celebrate the Morgan horse.

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